Diana Mankevych
Diana Mankevych
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  • Hi! My name is Diana Mankevych!

  • I’ve been helping people to master their English professionally for over 7 ys.

  • I worked at the Institute of Foreign Languages at Vinnytsia Teacher Training University for 2 years right after my graduation. During my teaching practice I also managed to finish a post-graduate course at Kyiv National Linguistic University which helped me to hone and systemize my practical skills and get more profound theoretical basis in Linguistics in general and Teaching in particular.

  • I've been working as a Talent Acquisition Specialist at EPAM for over 4 ys and I must admit, IT is not just a sphere for me, it's always an opportunity to exercise all the potential you've got.

  • I am happy to know that you've also chosen IT as your future profession!

  • Conducting interviews is the core of my profession, so I am ready to share the news and information from a recruiter's perspective!

  • Remembering my very first steps into IT starting from business correspondence and ending with Skype meetings (which used to be an ordeal for me, despite my English level), I decided to write a textbook which will alleviate your stress at the first interview and working day at a new company.

  • I hope our meetings will not be just lessons, but the time for sharing, cooperating and learning together.

  • Let's meet and talk English for IT!

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Роман Мельник
2017-02-13 08:17:53 IP:***.**.***.161
I think she is one of the best!


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